My skills include:

Event planning

  • The Do Lectures 2014, 2015

  • Fundraising events for Surfers Against Sewage



  • Between departments at The Scarlet

  • Different teams at The Do Lectures



  • Food, transport, accommodation, music, workshops for The Do Lectures

  • Same as above for The Girl Effect Accelerator



  • Timetables

  • Staff Rotas

  • Event / Job Schedules

  • Life plans generally (1yr/5yr/10yr)

  • Planning adventures



  • Emails, letters, notes and more

  • Making people feel special

  • Loving touches

  • Public speaking




  • Do Lecture social media account

  • Writing copy

  • Telling people about projects


Art and Design

  • Doodling

  • Vision boards

  • Home made Gift Cards

  • Interior Design

and I am learning more every day. Aren't we all?