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Alice is a bright shining creative light, an absolute pleasure to work with, enthusiastic and always inquisitive. Her charming, caring, energetic nature cultivated beautiful and inventive relationships with our guests. From the moment I received her ‘cv’ (this excellent site), I knew I’d be very lucky to have her as part of our team and have been delighted to follow her adventures in both life and career since leaving us. An all-round super being.
— Lisa Geller, Business Leader at RED Hotels
It’s difficult to find brilliantly talented individuals that not only not deliver excellence but go beyond what’s expected. Even more so, finding individuals that can equally inspire teammates, partners, customers, and VIPs is near impossible. Alice brings all of this, and so much more, to the work she does and the people she interacts with. Call it hard work, open-mindedness, humble confidence, or even a bit of magic - Alice is a joy to work with and consistently surprises those she connects within the most wonderful of ways. If you care about getting the job done right, connecting with your clients or customers authentically, and leaving a lasting impression, I could not recommend Alice more highly for any role.
— Colman Chamberlain, Global Managing Director of Unreasonable Group
Meet David Hieatt. David champions sustainable retail, brand and creativity. Look up the definition for Entrepreneur and David is there. He worked at Saatchi and Saatchi for 8 years. Later on he and his wife Clare founded howies in their living room which went on to become one of the top 50 brands in the UK year after year before selling, regrettably to Timberland. He then co-founded The Do Lectures which was voted the top ten ideas festivals in the world by the Guardian and nominated best website in the world (the talks have been watched by millions online). Today David & Clare are the proud founders of The Hiut Denim Company based in Cardigan which has got his town making jeans again.
Alice and Ross have been there since the beginning. They have helped organise The Do Lectures, find the speakers, persuade them to come and manage the logistics of getting attendees and speakers to one place from over 100 countries. They have learnt their incredible skills just by doing event after event. They are role models for all young people. Despite their young years, they are world-class event organisers and their skills are hard to find and even harder to replace. They are exceptional at what they do. But, even better than that, they are wonderful people too. I can’t speak more highly of them. They are simply, special people.
— David Hieatt, Co-founder of The Do Lectures, Howies and Hiut Denim
Meet Daniel Epstein. Daniel believes entrepreneurship is the answer to the greatest issues we face today and has dedicated his life accordingly. He is the founder of The Unreasonable Group. Here’s some of his other accolades.   World Entrepreneurship Forum: “Entrepreneur for the World Award”  Forbes: Top 30 Impact Entrepreneurs  (of any age)   Inc Mag: Top 30 under 30  Diplomatic Courier: Top 99 under 33 Foreign Policy Leaders  The White House Empact Award: Top 100 entrepreneurs in the US under age 30  Aspen Institute Fellow  Not to shabby eh?!
Alice is one of the very best people I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. Anyone who is able to collaborate with Alice will immediately realise that she is not only masterfully productive, but she is obsessed with the details and she always ensures that any project she works on goes beyond expectations. That, and she’s a delight to work with. I can’t recommend Alice more sincerely... in fact, I’m doing my damnesdest to get her back on our team. In short she is what I would call a Gyshido-san*
— Daniel Epstein, CEO and Founder of Unreasonable Group

*Gyshisdo stands for Get Your Shit Done. A Gyshido-san is one who does just that. To see the manifesto for the Art of getting your shit done click here.

Alice made an unbelievable impact from the first day she started at Finisterre. She got fully stuck into her role in customer services, bringing great positivity and energy, all the while helping our customers with their needs. A great person to have had on our team. 
— Tom Kay, founder Finisterre 
Alice is one of those people, a rare breed, you can throw her in at the deep end and she will always come up trumps, with a massive grin on her face. It doesn’t matter what you throw at her and how messy the brief through a combination of skill, attention to detail, tenacity and boundless enthusiasm she will get it done. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat and if you get the chance, you should too.
— Mark Sears, Chief Wild Officer, The Wild Network
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Alice helps bring happiness to every person that walks through the door. As an attentive care giver she is always ten steps ahead of people’s needs and how to create a magical experience for events big and small. 
— Julie Markham, VP Ops & Finance, Unreasonable Group
Meet Ru Hill. Back in the noughties Ru knew that as far as Surf Schools went there were those who catered for beginners and experts. What about everyone else? Ru travelled for 10 years gathering data and secretly searching for the perfect location for his one of a kind luxury Surf Resort. He decided on Nosara, Costa Rica for its consistent year round swell and in 2010 he opened Surf Simply. “Technical Surfing, Taught Simply”.     Today they host week long luxury surf camps which include not only some of the best surf coaching anywhere in the world but also your airport pick up, wining & dining at the resort and at the local restaurants, yoga and massage. The clientele include executives, directors, entrepreneurs and athletes. Ru trains his already highly experienced and qualified coaches to    take a functional, almost scientific approach to surf instruction, breaking it down into logical, obtainable steps. Their TripAdvsisor page is legit! They are total surf geeks and some of the most awesome people I’ve ever worked with. 
Alice is stoic but her personality is infectiously positive. She performed her tasks with seemingly limitless enthusiasm and feasibility. 
— Ru Hill, CEO and Founder of Surf Simply
Meet Anna Beuselinck. Anna is the Life Gardener and Steward of Campovida, their family owned winery dedicated to revitalizing the town of Hopland through meaningful gatherings there, at the Piazza De Campovida and their Oakland Taste of Place. Anna is a Leadership Development coach and is the Principal of Partners in Performance. She was the Director of Training at Gap and worked for Nike in Management Development and Learning.  
Alice is a beautiful soul. Talented in so many ways. Creative throughout her being. Thoughtful and kind beyond any reference that could be written. The person you would want on your team to help achieve your goals and make all smile. How do you write about “spirit” really? Alice is a great teacher of “can do”. Falling in love with her is easy.
— Anna Beuselinck, Co-Founder at Campovida
Meet Duke Stump, Duke is passionate about bright minds and bright ideas, having co-founded the Do Lectures USA, bringing the Do-ers of the world together to inspire others and The Northstar Manifesto, a company committed to helping others become “bonfire” brands, emphasizing the role that a business conscience can play in propelling brands further on the road to growth and sustainability. He worked at Nike for 15 years. He played pro hockey in Sweden. He was Head of Marketing for Seventh Generation, and did some work for Honest, Getting Things Done and Easton. Now Duke is  Executive Vice-President, Community and Brand at LuLu Lemon. 
... this one time I was visiting Wales. We went coasteering. Alice jumped first off the cliff and Geoff and I looked at each other like ‘oh shit.... she’s gone, so now we have to jump too’. Alice is one of the most wonderful individuals I know - inside and out. You need her on your team!
— Duke Stump, ex head of global marketing at LuLu Lemon, co-founder of Do Lectures USA