The Do Lectures 2018

My oldest Do Lectures T shirt has 2008 on it. And I'm excited to have gotten to be invited to the tenth Do Lectures. I've volunteered at over 6 of the events, produced two of them in 2014 and 2015 at Campovida, USA and actually spoke in 2013 too about our 2,500 mile bike ride down the west coast of the states. 

Anyway... was great to be back and see many old faces who I love dearly. 

And in return for getting to be at the tenth anniversary? I massaged everyone - well it certainly felt like it had been everyone when Sunday night rolled around! 23 massages in a few days - I was so wiped out! But what a cool way to give back to the event that has been such a huge part of my life and created so many life changing moments. It makes me so full up and happy inside to be a part of The Do. 


Why the DO Lectures exist

Why The DO Lectures exists from David Hieatt, the guy who, in 2008 with his wife Clare decided to see what would happen if they got the Doers of the world together to inspire others to DO too.

 7 years later we have DO Lectures in Wales, California, Australia and now Costa Rica! is where you'll find the talk archive of all the speakers who've told their inspirational stories. You can watch them there for free.