Yesterday it warmed my heart to speak with a dear friend Bonnie Navarre. She's in San Luis Obispo, California and I'm in St Agnes, Cornwall. It's amazing how we can connect at the tap of a button, unlike the days just two generations ago where letters would be sent and months later maybe they'd be received on the other side of the world. 

I was sharing my current emotional state with Bonnie. A real sense of unease. 

My husband Ross and I are currently in another transient time where there are yet again many different unknowns in our life. Normally I would say I’m a footloose and fancy free kind of gal and would enjoy the uncertainty of it all. But for the last few weeks I just feel very unsettled. 

Bonnie was reminding me the importance of patience in times like these and that we may not know all the answers by the end of the weekend and that’s totally OK. Anyway, she said the most simple and beautiful sentence which immediately put me at ease and I want to share it with you. I scribbled it down whilst she talked. 

Some of the most sacred times are the most unpredictable.
— Bonnie Navarre

A simple yet effective phrase and one that I’ll treasure. Thank you Bonnie.