The home of fell running

When you have a friend join you all the way from the states it's only right that you make your way out of London and into a national park. This was a beautiful weekend - we ran 20 miles up and down the mountains around Derwent Water, I swam 3 miles and Brit SUPd stopping for a picnic on an island half way, and we did yoga, meditations and wondered around Kewick - a town with more outdoor shops than you can shake a stick at, picking up supplies for our endurance races later this summer.

Training program

We have been following a format a little bit like this (sometimes more // sometimes less) 

Day 1  - 90 minute Bike + 60 minutes Cross fit

Day 2  - 45 minute Swim + 60 minute Run 

Day 3 - Rest day 

Day 4 - 60 minutes Hot Yoga 

Day 5 - 60 minutes Cross Fit 

Day 6* - 5 hour bike (70 + miles)

Day 7* - 1 hour swim, 2 hour run 


* these started off much smaller distances and have been building over the last few months. 

We started training on July 19th with four months before the race. It feels like plenty of time. We feel like we've certainly been getting stronger. If we had had more time we mightn't have taken the training as seriously. 

I've not been really taking it that seriously to be honest with regards to making the goals specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time based. I just sort of go out, try hard and try harder, faster or longer distances the next time. If I'd had a personal trainer keeping an eye on me I would imagine my training would have been worlds apart with specific things to work on in each session. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Chrissy Wellington's book A Life Without Limits. Totally awesome read for anyone and everyone. In it she talks about the training sessions being slow & steady (for distance training), race pace (faster but not total burn out) and faster than race pace (all out short, sharp training sessions). 

Given that you are on your own during the race with no music it is helpful to have a wild imagination and a memory bank full of ideas to help you keep going. Families, friends, places and faces, music, smells and sights you've seen. 

I'm looking forward to seeing how all of this training comes together on race day. November 29th. Less than 40 days from now.