Should Vs Must

In April 2013 this Medium blog post by Elle Luna went viral. It was called The Crossroads of Should vs Must and was read by millions of people. 

Elle joined us at The DO Lectures USA in September 2014 and gave a talk which I will keep going back and watching until I am settled with what I am doing with my life. It is freaking awesome. I love it. ‎ The Importance of Doing What You Love “There are two paths in life: should and must.” In her talk Elle walks us through how "Choosing Must is an everyday process". Elle Luna Artist, Designer and Writer Elle Luna works in her studio, where she paints, draws, and experiments. Prior to making art, she worked with incredible teams to design and build Mailbox's iPhone app, redesign Uber's iOS app that allows people to hail a black car, and scale the storytelling platform, Medium. Before startups, Elle spent five years at IDEO where she worked across a variety of industries to develop multi-channel, holistic experiences with massive impact.

What Elle talks about really resonates with me because I am at a time where I feel like I should know what I want to be. What I want to Do. She opens this up and makes it not so scary but instead encourages you to grab onto the thing you love to Do and make it your job, your career and your calling.