A timeline of the last year

This one most definitely goes down as the biggest year for me yet in terms of learnings, travel, relationships and work. I've been to Portugal, Cornwall and Devon, cycled to Edinburgh, cycled to Copenhagen (solo in Feb), completed Ironman Wales and the 90 mile Velothon in Cardiff, ran a 36 mile ultramarathon with my friend Zennor in Austria, moved house three times, worked with 5 different jobs, went back and forth to Pembrokeshire like a yo-yo and went to three beautiful weddings. My grandpa passed away last month, my friends have had babies and gotten pregnant and my sister got engaged. I've also been to gigs and concerts including Matthew and The Atlas, Michael McIntyre, Van Morrison and The White Buffalo, done courses in Photoshop, pottery, joined a choir, kickboxing and been to two different dance clubs - Afrodance fusion and a swing dance intensive course.

I've made a bit of a habit of reflecting on the year that's been on New Year's Eve. And this year was no different. 31.12.17. Fresh start tomorrow and 2018 brings plans for many more exciting adventures, more weddings, more triathlons, new work, exploring a side project, spending more weekends with friends and family plus I've signed up for a level 4 diploma in holistic massage too. 

I put my photoshop skills and memory to the test and took a trip down memory lane, this is the result! 

Moments that made my 2017, made by me on NYE 31.12.17 

An Annual Event (x2)

In December 2015 we were in Falmouth Cornwall and reflected on the years prior.  

One year on, we have been from Cornwall to St Davids, to Boulder to California, back to Wales, off to New York, Colorado again and now we are starting the next chapter at our new home in Bristol.

It was, December 31st, 2016 and after a romantic dinner for two in the sweet Italian restaurant on the ground floor of our new flat, we scrolled through our RossandAlice joint Instragram and our individual Facebook timelines cataloguing the highlights of the year. It was a special two hours in the countdown to the new year, to look back and remember all the things we've forgotten or not revisited for a while. With mostly huge highs and some lows, here's what we captured. 


Where does the time go?

When I set up my website and blog I made a non verbal promise to myself to keep it up to date with regular posts. Now three months have flown by and I haven't written a single post since I was at The Do Lectures in Wales.

It looks sloppy but also so so much has happened since my last entry that it's going to be a struggle to remember all the highlights. Here's a few for sure though. 

  • Cookery School in Padstow 
  • The DO Lectures Costa Rica 
  • Buying tickets to Ironman this November
  • The Build up of The DO Lectures USA
  • Producing DO Lectures USA // California holiday 
  • Housesitting // Caravan 
  • Leadership course
  • Future Plans bubbling away  
Thank you to Helena Price for this photo she took at The DO Lectures USA last week

Thank you to Helena Price for this photo she took at The DO Lectures USA last week

Now that The Do Lectures event planning is over I'm focusing entirely on the Ironman race which looms in Mexico. That plus full time work at The Scarlet, moving from our small touring caravan into a house and spending time with my wonderful hubby too of course. Life is always abundant and I roll with all the opportunities that come my way.

Over the next couple of months I'm going to do some things which I hope will help guide me to a more focused direction towards my future.

My friend is teaching me the Getting Things Done model to clear up some of my shit (I feel this will mostly be a digital and mental process), I have bought the Stuffocation book by James Wallman to physically clear out the spaces I am associated with and I'm vision boarding again with Ross about what our future looks like. 

We're also going to look back and do a timeline of all the things we've done together. That's going to be fun for sure. 

Hopefully a more regular stream of posts to follow. : - ) 

Sunset over the Atlantic from The Scarlet Hotel at work this week. Not a bad office... 

Sunset over the Atlantic from The Scarlet Hotel at work this week. Not a bad office...