Best foody instagrammers to follow

I'm sharing this blog from Buzzfeed - the top 22 food based instagram accounts to follow. Needless to say you one can get some great recipes, amazing healthy, hearty, nourishing meals ideas and view stunning photos from each of these talented bloggers:

Instagram: @bysaber

Instagram: @bysaber

Blog cover photo cred: Instagram: @fooddeco

Wouldn't it be cool if....

So, when I got invited to The Do Lectures in Costa Rica in July, one of the speakers, Eric James, encouraged us all to write a list "Wouldn't it be cool if..." and you just finish that sentence as many times as you like. 

The idea is to get you to imagine what the possibilities are, what excites you the most, what would be the coolest things you would do, without getting bogged down by the constraints of modern day life like time, money and everything else that stops us doing things. 

If you think about this for a second, it is easy to understand that when I got on the plane I scribbled four pages of wouldn't it be cool if's back to back, one after the other, they just kept coming. With no limitations it was a fun and free task to open up all the possibilities. 

I then closed the book and haven't looked at it for four months.

Until yesterday.

Eric had emailed me back and asked how many of them had already come true. 

Two of them had already happened and another is definitely in the pipeline. So that was pretty cool. It's like by putting pen to paper and initiating the idea it has secretly begin to manifest it's self. I'm sure if I had looked at the list more often, added photos and given it some more attention  maybe even more of those things would have also come true. 

So I've written the list out big and stuck it on the bedroom door so I'll see it every day. Some of the things on my list are far out like

Wouldn't it be cool I could go to space to look at planet earth.

Others are not so far out like

Wouldn't it be cool if I learnt to sing.

Have a go. See what things end up on your list! 

Here's a photo of mine