The talk...

In my last blog post I talked about the event that inspired me to enter an Ironman in Mexico next month. 

Here is the actual talk that made me want to do it. 

In his talk he says we all act like we think we have loads of time. We think we know when we are going to go. But we don't. We act like we have a sand clock of time left on earth. 

But we don't. And he started to point at people in the audience...

"Do you have a sand clock?"

"Do you?"

"Do you?"

"I don't". 

"What would you do if your time clock said you had a year left to live? Or a month? Or a week? What would you do differently? or the same? What if you only had a day?" Now that's something.

Here's the talk in all it's glory. 

"Pick Yourself" Isra García is a marketeer and a word reference advisor for disrupting innovation and business transformation for the new economy. Isra shares his deepest secrets on how he decided to turn around his life when he was 24 when Isra took the courage to change his present and move from a 12 hours job at a textile factory to the UK. Becoming nowadays a leader on social media thinking, Internet, innovation, productivity and lifestyle. Don't miss the philosophy he applied to live as intense as he works, pushing his abilities far away from his limits.

WARNING: It make inspire you to take on a challenge that will change your life!



— Isra Garcia

Isra Garcia was a speaker at The Do Lectures Costa Rica. 

I watched his talk and was super inspired (this is not at all surprising given that's the whole point of the Do lectures)... so, I went up to him afterwards. 

"Isra, Hey, I'm Alice, thank you so much for the awesome talk. I've been thinking of doing an Ironman for a while now with my husband, it's been on our mind... I just wanted to let you know that I am all fired up after listening to your story" 

"When you do it?" With a very strong spanish accent. 

" I don't know" 

"Ironman Cozumel. November. Do it. Make it happen". Period. I was like what, that's it. No discussion as to whether we could do it in time, no background check, just do it. 

He suggested I go home and with in a week, buy two tickets, one for me and one for Ross to Ironman Cozumel. 

So that was it. I told everyone around me for the rest of the weekend about the conversation I'd had with Isra. Was he for real? Could I actually do it? 

This was my face when I shook hands with Isra and told him I was going to do it. 

And so that was it. I went home. Told Ross what had happened and with in a week we had signed up for Ironman Cozumel in Mexico on November 29th.