If this isn't inspiring I don't know what is

This past ten days, I have been investigating how to bring more art into my life. Crafting, making, painting and creating is something I've done since I was a little girl, even today I spend my free moments doodling and drawing. Yet for one reason or another, I've never given it time other than painting gift cards for friends and family. 

Today, I remembered the talk of an amazing chap called Tom Fishburne a.k.a "The Marketoonist". I met him when he told his inspiring story about quitting his job at Method (after being inspired himself at the inaugural Do Lectures 3 years prior) to follow his heart in to cartooning. We were in a tipi in Wales at The Do Lectures in 2011. I was there volunteering and remember his talk vividly. In fact I remember putting my hand up in the auction for one of his signed original paintings of the event, the bid got to high and alas, a more wealthy bidder won the prize. Good for the fundraiser though! Here's Tom's Do Lectures experience in his own words accompanied by the slides from his talk.

I left a great job, at a great company, in a recession, to become a cartoonist. Today, I’m here to share the story of finding my story, in the hopes that it helps you think about yours.
— Tom Fishburne

Tom's cartoons carry powerful messages which he sells to brands as a communication tool. Cartoons cut to the point, entertain and have a poignance which can't always be put into words. His work now gets viewed by hundreds of thousands of people and is featured in the New York Times, Fast Company, the Wall Street Journal and more. It's inspiring because he's made his passion his work and I'm excited to share with you Tom's talk in the hope it ignites a fire in your belly, like it did for me today.