A timeline of the last year

This one most definitely goes down as the biggest year for me yet in terms of learnings, travel, relationships and work. I've been to Portugal, Cornwall and Devon, cycled to Edinburgh, cycled to Copenhagen (solo in Feb), completed Ironman Wales and the 90 mile Velothon in Cardiff, ran a 36 mile ultramarathon with my friend Zennor in Austria, moved house three times, worked with 5 different jobs, went back and forth to Pembrokeshire like a yo-yo and went to three beautiful weddings. My grandpa passed away last month, my friends have had babies and gotten pregnant and my sister got engaged. I've also been to gigs and concerts including Matthew and The Atlas, Michael McIntyre, Van Morrison and The White Buffalo, done courses in Photoshop, pottery, joined a choir, kickboxing and been to two different dance clubs - Afrodance fusion and a swing dance intensive course.

I've made a bit of a habit of reflecting on the year that's been on New Year's Eve. And this year was no different. 31.12.17. Fresh start tomorrow and 2018 brings plans for many more exciting adventures, more weddings, more triathlons, new work, exploring a side project, spending more weekends with friends and family plus I've signed up for a level 4 diploma in holistic massage too. 

I put my photoshop skills and memory to the test and took a trip down memory lane, this is the result! 

Moments that made my 2017, made by me on NYE 31.12.17 

On Marriage....

I love hand-making cards for friends.

Sadly I don't do it much these days because of training etc but one day hope to have a little studio where I can do this all day. 

When you open up the blinds on the front of the card, the truth about marriage is revealed in the form of a quote from renowned philosopher and best selling author Alain De Botton. 

It's from his book called The Course of Love and it reads: 

Marriage: a hopeful, generous, infinitely kind gamble taken by two people who don’t know yet who they are or who the other might be, binding themselves to a future they cannot conceive of and have carefully omitted to investigate.
— Alain De Botton

This was the card that went with their Peace Lily and Painting of the Peace Lily. 

For anyone who has loved, is in love or hopes to be in love > Watch: Alain's talk On Love.... Please watch it. 


There are no passengers on planet earth. We are all crew
— Buckminster Fuller

This phrase has stuck with me since our Swarm event with Mission2020 last month. I have heard it before but this time it meant something different. 

I was hired by Swarm back in the spring to help re-launch The Wild Network and manage the relationship between Boston Tea Party and Good For Nothing as GFN embarked on a new chapter.

This Mission2020 thing kind of came out of know where. One minute I was casually looking for a venue to host 50 people for 48hours in mid July, the next I was calling caterers and before you know it I was writing up the schedule for the event onto big black boards in the entrance hall. 

West Lexham Barn - our home for the two days. Plus accommodation in gorgeous barn conversion ensuitebedrooms, bell tents and tree houses.

West Lexham Barn - our home for the two days. Plus accommodation in gorgeous barn conversion ensuitebedrooms, bell tents and tree houses.

West Lexham gardens, stunning walks with wild flowers, bees, trees, vegetable gardens, a river to swim in. The perfect place to open hearts and minds to what's possible. 

West Lexham gardens, stunning walks with wild flowers, bees, trees, vegetable gardens, a river to swim in. The perfect place to open hearts and minds to what's possible. 

This time those famous Bucky words above rang in my ears. I have been involved in event production in one way or another for the last ten years - sure it was all vastly different, some volunteering, some facilitation, some public speaking and some travel but the whole time I have felt a little on the side lines. I mean I am busy don't get me wrong. I bust my ass making sure the events run smoothly, attendees get a warm family style welcome, dinners are nourishing and warm the soul, as do my handwritten welcome notes or moments of recognition to those who are participating. I am not a passenger though. I am part of the crew and these events are something I helped to create. The concepts are proven. The tables set. The beds made. And this go round, I really stood tall and proud in the event I helped produce. 

Early in 2017 we embarked on an exciting collaboration with Mission2020 and Project Everyone with the goal of rapidly co-creating a new story around climate action.

The historic and legally binding Paris Agreement gave us a roadmap to address climate change by limiting future warming to below 2C while striving for 1.5C. This goal is deemed necessary to avoid incalculable risks to humanity, and it is feasible – but realistic only if we bend the curve of global emissions by 2020 at the latest: our climate turning point.
— swarm.gd

We need new stories, new tactics and new ways to shift hearts and minds, that a more beautiful world is possible.

That was what our 48hour swarm in Norfolk in July was all about. 

You can read more from two Matteo Menapace and Owen Thomas who are two designers who wrote their own write ups about the event as well. 

#onamission #mission2020 #swarm #weareallcrew

#onamission #mission2020 #swarm #weareallcrew

Good For Nothing Bristol!

Last night we launched Good For Nothing in Bristol. It was in the Boston Tea Party Cafe on Cheltenham Road in Stokes Croft - a vibrant, cultural and passionate part of the city. There was cold beer, cheese and wine and a group of about 30 individuals who all showed up to find out more about Good For Nothing. There was a real buzz and we're all super happy with how it all panned out - here's a little video about Good For Nothing and how you can get involved.

I helped with the event set up, registration, communications and a bit of hosting and ushering on the night. Today the new chapter has been formed and we have ten folks who are going to crew this local group. Going forward I'll help ensure the chapter leaders are set up to run with this in Bristol and take on the event organising and community building themselves. Tonight Good For Nothing is being launched in Bath and then at the end of the month we're doing the same in Exeter and Birmingham. It's an exciting time for this creative generosity movement and I'm humbled to be a part of it. 

Hugely grateful to Boston Tea Party for providing the space, the wine, the beer, the cheese and the good vibes - hoping this partnership thrives and looking forward to seeing where this journey will take us.