I am 'The Resource Investigator'.

I am doing a training course through work at the moment called Leadership and Team Skills. It is ILM Level 2 so pretty basic stuff  - and it is always good to continue learning. 

Through the course, I got the idea to do the Belbin's test to figure out what Team Role I would play in a team. I think I've done it before back in school but it was really interesting to do it again as a grown up. 

It came up that I am The Resource Investigator.

Extrovert, enthusiast, communicative

Contribution I'd make to the team: 

Explores opportunities, develops contacts, keeps the team in touch with what is happening outsie. Learns about ideas, information and developments and new possibilities in the outside world. 

Allowable weaknesses: 

Overoptimistic. loses interest once initial enthusiasm has passed.

I think this is pretty true of my character and personality. Clever little test eh?

I scored 21 for Resource Investigator and also pretty high scores for The Plant and The Implementer. The Plant is creative, imaginative and unorthodox and The Implementer is Disciplined, Reliable, Conservative and efficient. She is systematic and methodical.