On Marriage....

I love hand-making cards for friends.

Sadly I don't do it much these days because of training etc but one day hope to have a little studio where I can do this all day. 

When you open up the blinds on the front of the card, the truth about marriage is revealed in the form of a quote from renowned philosopher and best selling author Alain De Botton. 

It's from his book called The Course of Love and it reads: 

Marriage: a hopeful, generous, infinitely kind gamble taken by two people who don’t know yet who they are or who the other might be, binding themselves to a future they cannot conceive of and have carefully omitted to investigate.
— Alain De Botton

This was the card that went with their Peace Lily and Painting of the Peace Lily. 

For anyone who has loved, is in love or hopes to be in love > Watch: Alain's talk On Love.... Please watch it. 

A few cards I made... more coming soon

Each card is an original hand-painted card. No prints or copies made. 

I'm going to get some more photos of these cards soon showing them 'on set'.

They are going to be sold with a square brown envelope and a clear plastic protective wrap and then quickly sent out in the post to  you. 

I'm thinking of about 3.50 including P&P for UK orders. Sound reasonable enough?

St Michael's Church, Newquay

My friend Sally is getting married next weekend. Sally was looking for a picture of The Church to go on her Order of Service so I offered to have a go and it was surprisingly challenging actually! 

Getting the perspective and lines right was really difficult. Also, I regret it now that I didn't persist with getting the stone work to look right. This was my third edition and I got impatient. I forgot to color the bell in the tower in too, doh!! But then again the road/pavement and the sky were nice and straight forward.  

Arroz con Pollo

Arroz con Pollo 

(Rice with Chicken - obvs). 

This is a hearty, traditional Costa Rican meal that I learnt to make from a friend when we were living on the Nicoya Peninsula. The little town we lived in was called Nosara. We rented a house, bought a motor bike and went surfing before and after work. 

One of my favourite things to order in the local restaurants was Arroz Con Pollo. 

Salsa Lizano is the Costa Rican equivalent to Ketchup in the UK. It's an emalgamation of spicy flavors and i t goes with pretty much everything. It's like a spicy brown ketchup. 

Salsa Lizano is the Costa Rican equivalent to Ketchup in the UK. It's an emalgamation of spicy flavors and it goes with pretty much everything. It's like a spicy brown ketchup. 

What you'll need:

  • a few chicken breasts/thighs/drumsticks or whatever chicken you can get your hands on
  • bell peppers x 2 
  • carrots x 2 ish
  • a big bunch of cilantro/coriander
  • peas x 2 cups
  • Salsa Lizano 1/3 bottle probably
  • rice - enough for 2-4 people
  • garlic - a whole bulb is good
  • salt, pepper
  • Hachiote to add colour

Seven Steps to Heaven: 

  1. Boil the chicken in a pot of salted garlic water 'til it's 3/4 cooked. 
  2. Pull the chicken out of the pot and leave to cool slightly. Save the water, you'll need it later.
  3. Fry the veggies in a frying pan
  4. Use the chicken-y water to boil your rice 
  5. Shred the chicken into thin strips 
  6. Once veg is cooked, rice is cooked and chicken is in a shredded heap mix it all together. Add your seasonings and Salsa Lizano. 
  7. Sprinkle with some fresh cilantro and enjoy with an ice-cold beer. 

The weather!

I was at work yesterday (Receptionist at The Scarlet Hotel). One of my night time jobs is editing the slides on the plasma screen that is on display in reception, so it shows the forecast for the coming day.

We use the standard weather icons you might expect to see. It was only on searching Google Images for a 'cloudy night' which was missing from our image archive, that I had the brainwave of creating The Scarlet's own icons for the weather. 

It's my day off today and Ross bought me a scanner to scan my art work onto my website... so I decided to test it out with the weather icons I painted this morning. I think the 'Tinfoil Night Sky' is particularly special.