Life Insurance claiming to "Heal the world"


Interesting perspective on our desire to change the world in the work we do...  by @dhh on Medium 

You're not changing the world


"... but the cognitive dissonance between “I sell life insurance” and “I believe I’m healing the world” is so loud that it invites intervention. Someone to slap you across the face, shake you violently, and yell “snap out of it, mate! Snap out of it!!!”. The absurdity of the juxtaposition is the subconsciousness wailing in distress."

"Carrying the weight of Changing The World on your shoulders is a tremendous burden. Look at the characters who actually managed it. Most of them weren’t exactly living envious lives outside the scope of their work. Why are you so keen to follow in their footsteps?"

I can relate to feeling like you are carrying the weight of 'changing the world on your shoulders. When my siblings and I were in our teens, asking questions, thinking through the answers and solutions, breaking and fixing things was commonplace. This was an interesting article to stumble upon today, which has provoked some thought for sure. Growing up with inspiring parents who set standards for not accepting things as they are - Dad a behaviour change advocate and radical sustainability speaker / consultant to Welsh Gov and Natural Resources Wales and Mum a healer, life coach and therapist has led me to live in this world with open eyes, a passion for helping other people and a belief that knowing the reality we create for ourselves can be however you dream it to be. Call me naive, or optimistic but I think the work I am doing today with Civic, and the work I have done previously for Wild Labs, Unreasonable, Do Lectures, TYF has in fact been helping to shape a world that we want to live in and want to bring our kids up in. With more justice, more adventure, more balance, more empathy, more compassion. And personally, if I wasn't feeling like I was contributing to something bigger than myself then life wouldn't feel quite right.