Girls Weekend was a hit!!

Girls Weekend at the end of April 2017. Whitesands, Pembroekshire. 

Blessed with some of the best spring weather you could ever ask for the Pembrokeshire coast was at it's best. My parents had gone away which provided the perfect opportunity to have a bunch of girls to stay.

The girls travelled from London, Bristol, Manchester and Cornwall to be here for two nights and three days of fun in the sun.  They are from all different chapters of my life and though I know them all really well, none of them had met each other - the moment everyone arrived there was connection, laughing and good times to be had. 

We ate delicious homemade food, went cliff jumping, sea kayaking, had a bbq and beach fire, drank some prosecco, made cocktails, ate delicious cakes, went for walks and generally just hung out together. 

Will have to start planning the next one soon.