23 Laws of Interesting by Hiut Denim.

This is a fantastic blog from Hiut Denim based on the premise that "Interesting things happen when you do interesting things." Outlined in their blog below are the circumstances that will most certainly help to make life more interesting and in turn open you up to more interesting opportunities. 

#16, Interesting and happiness are good mates.

Happiness fuels success, not the other way around. When we are positive, our brains become more engaged, creative, motivated, energetic, resilient, and productive at work.
— David Hieatt (inspired by Russell Davies)

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#19, Say yes when you would say no.

In order to keeps things interesting, saying yes to something you would normally say no to. It opens up new connections. Connections that you wouldn’t normally have made. And, sometimes, they are the best.
— David Hieatt (inspired by Russell Davies)

This is so true to the life I have led so far. For all of the exciting, really interesting opportunities that have presented themselves to me, either in my dreams or in reality, for the most part I have tried to just say yes. In fact, 'Just Say Yes' is the subject of the talk Ross and I gave at The Do Lectures in 2013. Check that out here

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