Gunning Fog

Ross told me about a tool in writing called 'The Gunning Fog Index'. You have maybe already heard of it? It was actually developed in the 1950's but I only heard of it this week. 

Basically it is all about how readable your writing is. The Index says that words over a certain length are harder to understand. Shorter words are more easily digested and learned. They say the optimum length of a word should be words that your average 12 year old could understand. 

So there is this website where you can copy and paste the paragraph you have written and it tells you what level reading age your reader would need to be to understand your text. 11.38 years for example is better than 26.42 years making what you say readable to more people and easier to digest.

The floors are that it also picks up on longer words like elephant or spaghetti when most children know what they are!