Our Do Lecture

There's a few mentions of The Do Lectures elsewhere on my site, so I thought I'd share the talk that Ross and I gave at The Do Lectures USA in California in September 2013.

We had been on the road, cycling from Canada to Mexico for a few months already when we stopped in at the stunning winery Campovida in Mendocino County to volunteer at 'DO USA'. As I'd volunteered at DO Wales for every year previously, it felt right to come and help out over the pond, especially as our cycle plans forecast for us to be cycling through that area right around the time of the event.

No forecast could have predicted though, that on the first afternoon of the event we would be up on stage speaking ourselves. After all, the speakers we've met from The Do Lectures over the last 5 years have become our mentors, people we have a huge amount of admiration and respect for - so to be up on stage where they had stood sharing our own inspirational story was such an honor. 

At this point though, I must add, we were invited to speak just 2 hours before our slot on stage. There had been a last minute cancellation from an adventurous speaker whose journey had been significantly delayed. So we escaped from volunteering for the afternoon and using a whiteboard, started mapping out what the hell we were going to say, pulling photos off our Facebook walls and wherever else we could to illustrate the journey we'd been on. Where do we even start?!  Unlike the other speakers who had had months to prepare we frantically got to work to give the biggest talk of our lives to date. 

We rushed into the barn with 2 minutes to spare - enough time to catch our breath, compose ourselves and hear the most touching introduction from our friend and mentor Duke Stump.