The Very First Ever Do Lectures Costa Rica

David Hieatt wrote and asked if I would like to go to Costa Rica and represent the entire Do Lectures Community at the very first Do Lectures Costa Rica. 

My mission was to check out the place, meet the gang, tell the Do Lectures story and experience the Do 'Tropical Style'. 

Mission accepted (are you kidding me?!). 

So off I went with my back back to Puerta A La Vida near Punterenas in Costa Rica. It was good to be back in the country we had lived in for a year almost exactly 12 months before. I had forgotten what it was like to eat fresh avocado's and mangoes the size of melons and wake up to the sound of howler monkeys. 

I have been very lucky to go to ten Do Lectures and up until this point it was always with a 'volunteer' hat on. I mean one of the best things about the Do Lectures in my eyes is that the speakers, attendees and volunteers do not where name tags and everyone is there because they are a Do-er. That said, my involvement in the Do so far had seen me up at 5am turning the coffee machine on (after leaving the dance floor at 3am), driving speakers to and from airports, organizing the workshops and 'being there' for whoever needs me.  Costa Rica was quite different. 

I was there as a special guest. A V.I.P. And I relished the opportunity to experience the Do through new eyes. I went to the morning yoga classes in the jungle, enjoyed the three hearty meals in the Rancho with different attendees each day, watched every talk under the canvas tent and participated in all the workshops. 

Two of these workshops were total stand outs. The Storytelling Workshop by Sebastian Castro and The Naked Truth by Alexi & Preston Smiles. 

The Naked Truth was to over come your three biggest fears 

  1. Exposing your inner most insecurities, your deepest darkest fears, the thing you've been hiding all this time. Share that with a group of strangers. 
  2. Speaking in public. There were 12 of us in the group. That wasn't so bad. 
  3. Getting Naked in front of a group of people. They were all naked too. Weird? Wonderful? Liberating! 

We accomplished all three things and afterwards felt UNSTOPPABLE. Nothing would stand in our way of achieving our dreams. What more was there to be scared of now we had over come our three biggest fears?!

It was certainly a unique Do Lectures and one I'll never forget. I must also add that three days before I flew from Heathrow I had a pretty gnarly car crash and rolled our Peugeot 106 down the hill to Mawgan Porth beach on my way to work in the rain one morning. The car started skidding down hill on the wet road and I couldn't get it to stop swerving all over the place so I slammed the brakes on which turned the car in a 360 spin, which ended in me hitting the hedge and rolling the car. It landed back on it's wheels with me still holding the steering wheel facing the direction I had been traveling just seconds before. Anyway... going to DO Costa Rica and taking the time to recognize what had happened, receive some healing (Reiki, Osteophathic work and massage as well as lots of hugs) was just the perfect thing for me at that time. 

You can listen to my Audio Journals of the trip here.