What's occurrin? 

This is a place for prospective employers (and anyone else who fancies a nose!) to find out more about me. 

I specialise in event production, community management and managing 'projects' of all shapes and sizes.  

I live in Bristol and work remotely for an ambitious start up called Civic who bring together unlikely allies to make change happen faster, cheaper and better.

I am currently seeking something else that I can do from Bristol - I'm available for 2.5 days a week at the moment. (04.01.18) 

In 2017 I...

  • worked with Swarm - a creative collaboration company
  • and The Wild Network - a movement to inspire the rewilding of childhood
  • crewed the mothership behind Good For Nothing - a community of over 5,000 makers, thinkers and doers around the world gifting their skills to social / environmental projects in their city. 
  • ran the production logistics for a two day Mission2020 - we gathered 50 people in a barn in Norfolk to drive momentum to reaching 6 of the SDGS
  • did a bit of community and business development work for Emergent 
  • finished my 2nd Ironman (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike followed by a marathon) - which was really f*cking hard, especially in up to 40mph winds and horizontal rain. Read about that here.
  • And I ran my first ultramarathon (40 miles) in Salzburg, Austria. That was amazing.
  • This Autumn/ Winter I have also loved my pottery class on a Tuesday, singing in Riff Raff choir on Wednesday and learning a bit of photoshop on Thursdays. 

My story 

I grew up adventuring on the Pembrokeshire Coast - coasteering, kayaking, surfing and climbing. My parents are some of the most inspirational people I know, my mum a Reiki master, life coach and journey therapist and my Dad a creative visionary with a passion for behaviour and systems change driven by sustainability. I have three amazing younger siblings and as a young family, the six of us travelled the world white water rafting, camping and exploring together. In 2012 I got married to my now husband Ross.

I've lived in some pretty awesome places including St Davids and San Francisco, Costa Rica and Cornwall, Boulder and now Bristol. I've always enjoyed working with innovative companies who are the pioneers of their industries, spanning adventure tourism, hospitality and retail.

In 2015 Ross and I co-founded Pollinate Global LLP, an events service with the belief that magic is in the details, building community provides limitless possibility and that connecting the right people at the right time can be life changing.  

 Some of the words that come up in my work on a daily basis 

Some of the words that come up in my work on a daily basis